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There is a massive difference between porn made by amateurs, made by nobodies and of course professionals that we call Pornstars. Would you buy a car without even driving it? That’s the difference! And when these guys have on the payroll all these famous porn stars in the hundreds then you know every single show is going to be a fantastic show.

I’ve heard in the past few weeks that many people actually call these WebCam shows: Live Porn Videos and to be honest that’s exactly what they are is just like watching a porn video with the only difference that it is 100 times more exciting because it is live.

Banging Callie Calypso

If you don’t know who Callie Calypso is, you will after you’ve watch this wild and highly entertaining video of her.

She was full of passion, fantasy and imagination. Her personality was all about getting fucked and and worshiping the cock. If there was a hardcore sex dream, it would consist of her big smile, sexy eyes, and tight body.

Not only did Callie have the look, she had the mind to make any man very happy. She seemed determined to fuck every man that walked the face of the earth, even though her mind my have changed after she saw the size of Chris’s big fat cock!

She was going to try to take it all, but she knew her mouth, pussy, and maybe even her tight little ass, were only so big!

She licked, sucked and played with every inch using her mouth, but she just couldn’t take it all!

No matter how hard she tried she could barely get past the tip of his big hard cock!  She was get hotter by the second so she had to get fucked now!

Chris pounded her ridiculously like a wildman.

She almost came the second he pounded her from behind and slipped his finger in her tight little ass!  She’d never been stuffed so tight, she was in heaven!

She mounted his cock again trying to fit every inch into her tight young pussy!  She almost did it, but she knew she could barely do it!

Her pussy was so tight around his big cock Chris could barely stand it anymore blowing his hot load all over her face!  Callie knew Chris ruined her for other guys as all she could think about was the next time she’d get her lips and pussy around his big hard cock!


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The fuck room, what a great name for a generic Blog, I’m really glad that I am taking over this blog that has been on the web for many years but was not that updated in the past months and therefore we are going to revive it and bring it back to the wonderful standards it had and hopefully gain all that traffic and interest from thousands of viewers every day. So I will start just saying that I would like to share something that I have been checking out for the past three days, I’m a great fan of live WebCam shows and even better live sex shows, but I’m also one of those big fans of Pornstar Sex Videos. I have several porn stars that are in my favorites list, I don’t think I should share them with anyone not to turn you off because they say that my tastes are rather different and complicated LOL. One is certainly Carmella Bing and another is Bobbi Starr, both are filthy middle-aged women that will do anything on video I know because I have a massive collection of the DVDs but I actually found out that they also are filthy on live WebCam.

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Just like the porn star you see above taking Dick up her ass there are another 450 maybe 500 other professional Pornstars that will actually perform in rotation on a daily basis at Cherrypimps.com that happens to be the mother side of a network of websites that have gathered all these porn stars together and have them perform live, perform having actual reality porn shows where they will have sex with male porn stars in some cases were you will see them while they are actually filming a porn video that they will then place on DVD but it’s all there for you to see with several WebCams that are broadcasting live the whole thing going down it is absolutely incredible and that’s why I wanted to open with this first blog post of mine throwing a bone at your guys feet, so maybe if you want to pick it up and go and check out the website I have linked it in this blog post at your convenience.

Fucked Like A Dog

Her car broke down and oddly enough no one was interested in giving her a lift. You would think that a big breasted blonde in short shorts would get a lot of attention…. But they kept on passing her by.

It wasn’t until she pulled up her shirt that she got a ride…

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And she knew in return she was going to have to give him a ride…. One of the good kinds of a ride!

She started off by sucking his cock….

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And then she let him mount her from behind and fuck her like a dog!

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Hot Teen Slut Loves Fucking

Shyla wasn’t being shy about it any more… She wanted to fuck Nick and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Nick was her best friend’s older brother, and she had spent the night and her panties were all wet just knowing that Nick was in the other room all night long.

In the morning she heard him getting out of the shower and cornered him in the bathroom…

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She was wearing a short little skirt and Nick exactly what she wanted – Nick wanted to fuck her too – and that skirt came up and those panties got out of the way quickly!

Nick had a long cock and banged her right up on the bathroom counter!

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Devon Lee Loves Fucking

Devon Lee was horny and wanted to fuck. Her boyfriend was more interested in playing football with his friends, which is a damn shame….

All she had to do was putting a low cut top and start washing her SUV… Right in front of him. He got the message quick. He didn’t want his buddies watching her acting like a whore…

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He quickly sent his little footballs friends home… And Devon Lee got naked!

They ended up fucking right there on the driveway… With Devon Lee having her big old titties out!

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Brandy Talore Fucking Hard

Brandy Talore has big old mother fucking titties…. And nothing gets a man more excited than a huge rack and a sexy pair of knockers. Except for maybe two big breasted lesbians!

But Brandy Talore is always plenty of titties to get any man off!

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He banged Brandy Talore on the couch, squeezing her huge titties the entire time… Because everyone knows how much Brandy Loves it when you play with her huge titties!

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JC Taylor Gets Plowed Hard

He hadn’t seen his girlfriend in a few week because of work and he was nearly ready to cum in her hand if she kept on playing with his cock in her hand like this!

Jimmy loves hand jobs as much as the next guy, but he wanted to fuck JC Taylor!

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JC Taylor didn’t mean to tease him, but she she should at least suck him off a little bit…

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But then JC Taylor spread her legs over the kitchen counter and he plowed her hard!

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Sucking And Fucking Outside

Emma was so horny she would do anything for him… She knew they wouldn’t be able to get an privacy so they went out in the woods… She got naked first and didn’t even ask if he wanted her to suck him off. Instead she just took his cock in her mouth and sucked him down!

This blonde slut loves giving head!

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Once she got him hard… He ripped into her, spreading her legs wide and her pussy lips even wider!

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He met Gina at a party… She was totally drunk and looking for something or someone to fuck…. That’s when Henry got really lucky…. He’s always in the right place at the right time and always gets laid!

They found an empty room and she took her clothes off that he knew he was going to get laid!

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And what a great fuck this party slut was too!