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Sisters Hot Friend

Does your sister have a hot friend you want to nail? If you have a sister, I’m sure she has lots of hot friends.

Now imagine a website devoted to hot friends of other people’s sisters!

sisters sexy hot friend

The name os the site is called “My sister’s Hot Friend”. Totally hot. This red headed beauty is someone’s sister – who is about to get fucked hard!

You Need This

Imagine if NASA was to make a vibrator…. And women could RIDE IT. Trust me when I tell you this: YOU NEED ONE OF THESE!

It’s called a Sybian. It’s a mounted vibrator that women sit on. When I first heard about it I laughed it off – Until I saw one in action.

loving the sybian

The first time my girlfriend rode one….. she rode it hard, fell off having multiple orgasims, covered in sweat, looked up at me and said…. “I don’t need you any more when I can have this”. OH SNAP. Needless to say it was fun to watch!

riding like a cowgirl

Kym from Aziani looks like she’s having a blast on it too!

Big Clit Women

Does this chick have a big clit or is it me?

woman getting off with dildo

At least she seems to be enjoying herself! I love women who cram their snatches with dildos in search of pleasuring themselves!

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ALS Scan

Have you guys ever heard of ALS Scan? They’ve been producing web sites since long before we got into the game! In fact, I remember looking up to them back in 1998 and wishing I could be like them! (Been there, done that!)

Take a look at the latest content they’ve been shooting…. very very nice.

als scan three girls hot bikinis

We loved bikinis and we’d love to slam these girls from behind – doggie style!

Check out ALS Scan today!

Remember the hot teacher?

Remember the hot teacher you wanted to fuck in high school?

Would you this this one?

hot teacher sex teacher ready to fuck

I wish I had teachers like this when I was in high school!!!

This is from a site called “My First Sex Teacher“. Very hot! I loved watching teachers get nailed in the classroom!

Ready 4 Bed?

Imagine going to bed with this babe?

hot babe in her pjs

Ron Harris has the hottest babes – hands down.

No, I wouldn’t sleep with her. I’d just want to rock her world ALL NIGHT LONG!

Tag it from behind!

Sindee here is ready to be hit from behind – but only because she likes it doggie style!

ready for doggie style

She’s ready to go – like a tiger who hasn’t had anything to eat in months!

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Fucked Hard

I didn’t know that Nubiles had fucking in it! Nice!

fucked in the ass

Clearly we know how this girl likes it!

Super Tongue

Our friend Ron Harris caught these two on film. Um, with a tongue like this…. Who needs a man?

two lesbians licking tongues

Holy cow -that’s a serious licker there! I wonder what happens when she goes down on a another woman – Her tongue is longer than some cocks! She can get deep inside!

Titty Fuck Show

How would you like to titty fuck this hottie?

titty fuck time

You know you would? This is one of the Aziani Girls. They seem to be amused by big bobbies! Of course, big boobs rock! Can never have enough of those!