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Jana Does Britney

Might not be what your expecting…… But Jana Foxy of Ron Haris fame pulled a Britney Spears the other day during a photo shoot:


All women – and celebs – should note two things…. Yo should never wear panties, and this is how to properly exit a car!

ALS Scan Caribbean Tour

Looks like the folks at ALS Scan went down to the Caribbean to have some fun – and do some public nudity on the beach!

asl scan jana foxy

Takes balls to do something like this!

Two very hot girls with their titties hanging out at the beach, kissing each other. Looks like a very fun trip!

Alex from Amateur House

Amateur girls are always hot – the ones who never set out to do porn yet somehow get photographed and end up on the Internet. Fameous last words: “This won’t end up on the Internet, will it?”. No, of course not honey!

This is Alex from Amateur House, a nice big breasted blonde chick wh ends up cramming her snatch with a dildo.



Thanks for sharing honey!

Getting Off

We love women who love to get off and have no fear doing on it their own….

deep ride

Seems to be a a lot of women on Young Chicks who seem to enjoy getting off on their own!!

Young Chicks

This just in – We love Young Chicks. I mean, we love hot nineteen year olds, but we also love the website “Young Chicks“.

Found this gem on the site this morning…. Would you hit this, beautiful black stockings and all?

sexy black stockings1

How about now?

sexy black stockings2

Got to luv the finger in the snatch! That’s our type of girl!

And trust us… she’s got perfect titties too!

Ride, Cowgirl, Ride

This young lady with the nice knockers seems to think she’s a cowgirl!

cowgirl ride

Got It Good

The Porn Wizard taught Jessica what it’s like to ride on top of a real man!

good whore

She learned her lesson – and got off at the same time!

All There

Marlie Moore has it going on – Long blonde hair, boobs, the skirt, long legs, and boots. The boobs part explains why she’s on Aziani!

all there

It’s all there. Everything you want in a woman!

Best Breast Obession

All women are obessed with their breasts. It’s true. Men are likewise obsessed with their cocks, but they can’t exactly walk around with their cocks out on display now can they? Women can do this with their breasts. Combine this fact with the truth of all women being lesbians, and well, women like to lick other woman’s breasts like this…

best breast obession

And this brings us to Lesbian Coeds – a great site about women who love women! We all love women, right? And women are no exception!

Poor Brandy

What Brandy doesn’t seem to know is that she’s about is she’s about to be fucked by the Porn Wizard. It starts innocent enough with her sitting on his lap…


Then leads to her sucking him off….


And then before you know it the Porn Wizard is rocking her world. Happens all the time!