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Recently Graduated

Jordana James just graduated – from nice girl to cum slurping whore!

nice girls suck cock too

She was sweet and innocent and ended up corupting her. Your welcome for this!

sucking cock deep

Jordana tried to deep throat but wasn’t too good at it. She need more practice. We’ll keep you updated!

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Both Holes

We found this on Anal Rookies this morning and found it super hot! This movie start looking MILF (see first photo) gets picked up in a shopping center, gives two men a great blow job, and then gets nailed in both holes at the same time! That’s one sexy MILF!

movie star looks

She sucks – like a vaccum cleaner!

nice blow job

Tap that ass!

nailed in both holes

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Sexy Slut

This sluttly little chick is on the Amateur House website…. tell me she doesn’t want to be fucked hard!

slutty chick snatch

Monica’s Garage

Monica and Mike went out to a friend’s house for dinner…. Two bottles of wine later they made their way home but couldn’t make it out of the garage before they were all over each other…..


They ended up fucking right there in the garage!


Got to love the folks at Porn Wizard!!!!!

Long Wild Ride

Looks like this girl Nikki is having one wonderful ride!!!!

one long wild ride

Nikk’s Fuck

Now we know what goes on at the Amateur House….


Nikki and Ricki are regulars at the Amateur House…. but mostly because we love Nikki’s breasts and her oral skills!


And her willingness to be fucked from behind!!!!


Hardest Fuck Part Two

Melinda did as she promised and had sucked Rick dry… Now it was her turn. But Rick had no idea what she had wanted.

Melinda looked up at him after swallowing his load and said “I’d like to be fucked hard…..”

Do you think Rick said no?

He threw her down on the bed and wrapped her green scarf and did her like she wanted to be done!



When that wasn’t doing it for him…. he flipped things around!!!


Rick got what he wanted twice over…. And she got fucked hard!

True Rumors 2

Not only was Rita a champion dick sucker…. but she loved being on top too!


Hardest Fuck Part One

Rick met Melinda at a local bar. They had seen each other before, but this night they talked for the first time and hit it off. It was clear from the get go that they were going to but heads – both were too controling.

Melinda made things clear…. I’ll blow you, but then you do what I want….


Turns out Mdelinda was better at giving head than Rick had first thought… but he wasn’t about to complain!


She sucked his cock dry and then said “my turn”….. Rick had no idea what was next!!!!!

True Rumors

Frankie had heard that Rita was a champion dick sucker…. and one night he had the chance to find out first hand!


She had no problems taking his entire cock in his mouth!


But Rita wanted to be fucked hard…..