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Fucking To The Top

Riley is one of those little whores who loves to fuck to get what she wants! This week she’s decided she wants to be a movie star. She found out a friend of a friend who works or a studio and she’s decided to fuck her way right to the top!

With a banging body like hers, who would say no?

riley-honry whore2 riley-honry whore4

She didn’t even have to suck any cock – he was rock hard the moment she started to pull down her blouse….

Riley got down on her knees and elbows and spread her legs like the little whore she really is! And Mark took complete advantage of it!

riley-honry whore5

She didn’t do too bad for her First Time Auditions!!!

riley-honry whore6

Finger Fucking Lesbians

Looks like these two lesbians had to get their freak on – and ended up finger fucking each other!

Lesbian Coeds need to get fucked too!


Looks like they did a little more than finger fucking!!!!


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Fuck On

Someone at the Amateur House is getting their fuck on today!

Man, she is a smoking hot blonde with perfect breasts!


Thankfully he has a raging hard on and is hard as a rock!!!


She loves getting fucked!

It Pays To Have Money

When you have money getting anything you want is possible…..

If you want to paint up two hot chicks and pretend they are cats, well, Money Talks!!!!


Money talks and bullshit walks!

Wendy Fucks & Sucks

Turns out Wendy was more than desperate for a place to crash and had no objections to take a cock in her mouth to show her appreciation!


Once she started sucking on his cock her pussy got really wet and she got really horny… She wanted to get to fucked and wanted to get fucked hard!!!

That’s exactly what she got too!


Yeah, she can crash at Mikes Apartment for a few days!!!

Mary Gets Fucked

The MILF Hunter couldn’t wait to inside of Mary, but first she had to satisfy her oral obsession. The MILF Hunter was fine letting her have a go at his cock!

He loved having his cock stroked by her!


When Mary took his cock into her mouth it was pure heaven!


But he couldn’t wait to slip his cock deep inside of her!!!

She got down on knees and got taken from behind in a way that younger girls could never pull off!


Mary got fucked and fucked hard – and now she’ll have couch hair!!!

Shelia Likes Meat

Sheila wanted some Big Sausage Pizza for her diet after her run, and Jack showed up with a cock in his pizza!


Like all kinky women world wide, once she saw the cock her snatch got wet and juicy, and she had to have that cock in her mouth!

She bend over and started sucking on that huge piece of meat!


Once she got started Sheila had to get fucked too! They both stripped off their clothes and she got mounted right there in the side yard doggie style!


MILF Grabs Cock

Mary the MILF with the oral obsession just whipped out his cock before they even made it up the stairs….


Oh you just know he’s going to split this MILF wide open!

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Fucking Wendy

If you had a friend who had a friend like Wendy, and Wendy needed a place to crash right now would you invite her in and fuck her brains out???

I’m sure they can find room for this blonde hottie at Mikes Apartment!!!!


Of course they’ll take her in and fuck her brains out! With a tight little body like Wendy’s how could anyone say no?


Mike’s buddy seems to think she’s more than worthy of sharing his bed with her!!!! She’s a good kisser too!


Oral Obsession MILF

The MILF Hunter is on the prowl again…. And looks what he picked up – A hot MILF named Mary who has a huge oral obsession!


You know how he likes hot MILFs in short skirts. He likes it even more when they have an oral thing going on while she’s sucking on a cigar!


This MILF has a great rack too! He’s confident he’ll get a little something something from her!


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