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She’s Fresh and 18

So it seems I’ve been on a kick for fresh 18 year old pussy, is that bad? I mean seriously, we’ve got tons of girls who pretend to be teens, when in fact, they’re almost 30! Is that the definition of a teen now? Any girl who isn’t a MILF is a teen and any girl who you can’t put pigtails on and pretend is a teen is a MILF? I call BULLSHIT!

So let’s get a real teen in here! Yes another one, shut the fuck up and enjoy it! Here we’ve got Audrianna Angel who’s brand spanking new and just turned 18!


She’s a dirty little slut who’s loved fucking, since well, since she was old enough! That’s all you get! She wanted to fuck today and we were the shop in town to make it happen! When hot young girls need cock they come to us and they’re are really worse problems to have these days don’t you think!


In fact, we’re soo happy that this hard bodied little teen came to visit we’ll probably have her back again soon and with that fine little shaved pussy can you honestly blame us?


Plus, did I mention she just loves to suck cock! I mean seriously she didn’t even want to fuck, she just wanted to suck cock! We can’t let a pussy like hers escape without a firm fucking so we said no to that! But, she did manage to suck every cock dry in the house, and I mean every one!

Hot Teen Limo Fuck

So I was at my buddies wedding the other day and I met sexy little Annie Cole who, surprise surprise, just turned 18! We started drinking and having a good time and well, one thing led to another and she asked if I wanted to take a ride in the limo with her!


The second we got into the limo we started to kiss and well she spread her legs and put my hand right on her pussy!


Her panties were literally dripping wet! She told me that since the moment she laid her eyes on me she’d been thinking about sucking my cock!


Of course I’m not a man to turn down a hot 18 year old’s desire to blow me I grabbed her head and guided it right to my cock! She pulled down my pants and started to suck my cock! Her lips wrapped my cock felt absolutely amazing!


I couldn’t let it stop there so I got her out of her dress and decided to fuck her right there in the limo! She definitely wasn’t complaining, as long as I didn’t mess up hair! She didn’t want her mom to find out what she’d been up to when we got to the reception! Thankfully when I was about to blow my load she took my cock back in her mouth and drained me dry! She swallowed every last drop of cum making sure I didn’t get any in her precious updo!

First Time Teen Slut

So what do you think of the sexy little Alyssa Hall I found today! She just turned 18 and damn is she smoking hot! She said she’d always wanted to pose nude and was just waiting to turn 18 so she could get naked and naughty! Originally she said she just wanted to pose, but once she got naked she said she was getting really horny so we were happy to up the ante!


Looking at her hot young body got our cocks hard and Alyssa new it! She took one look at our stunt cock and say let’s do this! Her tight little shaved pussy literally sucked his cock in and swallowed every inch! Her pussy was soo swollen it was amazing!


She took his big cock like a champion and even begged to get on top so she could pound her pussy down on his cock! She said she’d only been with 2 guys before, but she just must have been a slut waiting to happen because she was screaming as she came!


She even took his cock out when he was ready to cum and sucked it dry! And, I mean she licked and sucked every drip of cum she could! We’ll have her back again for sure!

Austin Kincaid Cougar Fuck

Austin is having her measurements taken so that she can have a special dress taylored to fit her perfect ass and big round boobs. At the big cougar party that she and her girlfriends have organized she wants all the young hard cocked men to be drooling at the mouth just to get a taste of her juicy mature pussy.


It just so happens that the taylor is a young guy who takes liberties with his hands while he’s taking measurements of her body. Ordinarily Austin would not stand for this kind of behavior, but the touch of his young hands on her meaty ass gets her warm cougar pussy dripping and she just can’t help but to give in to her appetite for young hard cocks, spread her legs and allow him to fuck her right there in his fitting room.


She definitely isn’t quite that easy though. As he’s taking measurements she slowly starts to hike up her skirt to show him the garter belts and tight little panties she’s wearing! It isn’t long before he’s got her panties pulled to the side and her wet pussy lips in his mouth! He could tell how turned on she was as her pussy was just melting in his mouth!


As any good cougar knows you must give to receive so she drops to her knees and slides his young hard cock into her mouth! His cock was dripping with pre-cum so she couldn’t wait to get a taste!


Before long she had him pushed back and her pussy straddling his cock! She loves to be on top so she can cum nice and hard with his young cock deep in her pussy!


She had a feeling he wasn’t going to last long so she got hers and climbed off his cock to finish him off with one of her famous blowjobs! Over the years she’s cum to love the feeling of young cock cumming in her mouth and she’s never had one guy complain yet!

Pornstar Slumber Party

Angelina, Carmella and Sienna are having a girls night at Sienna’s house. The rule of the night is no guys allowed! Angelina, the nympho that she is, is feeling really horny! While the girls are all watching a scary movie she gets away to call her boyfriend over cause she can’t fight her craving any longer! He comes over to find the ladies playing spin the bottle and figures he’d get into the game!

pornstar threesome 01

It’s not like Angelina was alone! Both Carmella and Sienna wanted some cock and Angelina’s boyfriend showed up just in time!

pornstar threesome 02

It’s not like he was going to complain! They grabbed onto his dick like it was a bottle of water and they were lost in the desert! They sucked his cock soo hard he thought he was going to blow his load right there all over their hungry faces, but he knew that would be the mistake of a lifetime so he fought it!

pornstar threesome 03

He then took turns bending them over the sofa as they ate eachother’s pussies out!

pornstar threesome 04

These three wore him out sucking and fucking him in every position possible! He was definitely not complaining!

Money Maker

Mariah cant remember the last time she got laid so she starts to masturbate within her office walls.


But in all the excitement she forgets shes not alone in the office.


The nighttime watchman is there. Tommy the Watchman finds himself unable to curb his curiosity as he hears moaning coming from the office across the hall. As he peeks in the office to see whats the hap…


Mariah catches the Peeping Tommy and decides if shes gonna get in trouble she might as well take Tommy down with her. She invites him in and demands to be fucked. You’re the boss replies Tommy and the rest is history…


Mariah pulled Tommy’s cock from his pants faster than he could have imagined! After just walking in on her he was already nice and hard and that’s just the way Mariah wanted it! She took his hard cock into her mouth taking every inch she could deep into her mouth!


When she felt he was hard enough she pushed him back and mounted his cock! She was happy to find him packing a big fat cock so she could fill every bit of her wet pussy!