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Teens in Search of Big Cock

A blonde, a brunette and a guy with a huge cock. We all know where that is going – it leads to nothing else, but hardcore fun, where two horny teenage girls put that massive dick to good use. They happily clamp their lips around the 10 inch monster of cock, and suck it like there’s no tomorrow. Once they get it rock-hard they take turns riding it, and keep going at it until they squeeze the last drop of cum out of it.


Brynn and Stephanie were in search of some big cock today! Both their new boyfriends have little dicks and they just aren’t satisfied. They made it their mission to find some big cock and they’re weren’t going to stop until they did! Out and about in the park they saw a guy and they just went up to him and grabbed his cock! They liked what they felt so they thought they’d bring him back to their place to test him out!


Getting him home was worth every second when they pulled down his pants and revealed a nice big cock! They didn’t waste any time getting him hard by taking turns sucking his big cock! They couldn’t wait to get his cock into their pussies!


Taking turns they let him fuck their tight young pussies while they kept eachother’s pussies nice and wet! Stephanie loved the feeling of his big cock in her tight shaved pussy while she licked and sucked on Brynn’s pussy!


Brynn could barely handle it though as she waited for her chance to get fucked! She always loved it when Stephanie ate her pussy out, but it’s just not the same as a big cock!


Neither of them could wait to finish him off in their mouths so they again took turns licking his cock clean of their pussy juice waiting for him to shoot his hot load all over them!

Cougars Fucking the Plumber

Brooke decided to come over to Sophia’s house for some gossip and husband bashing. They were drinking and talking about how bored their sex lives are with their lazy ass small dick husbands.


As they were making cocktails Sophia remembered that she had a plumber scheduled to come over to fix her garbage disposal. She apologied to Brooke and promised that she’d get him out of there fast so they could have some alone time, but when the plumber showed up and he was a hot young guy things began to look up!


Brooke knows Sophia and how she never lets a hot young guy go unattended so she knew this afternoon was going to get interested. Sophia started to talk to him while he was under the sink with her tits hanging out of her loose top! It was hard to see his cock getting bigger in his pants!


Brooke watched as Sophia continued to tease him so she decided to say fuck it and just get on with it! She undid his pants and pulled his cock out without waying a word! The second they saw how big his cock was their eyes lit up! Brooke dropped her head down swallowing his cock into her mouth and Sophia watched!


Brooke got him nice and hard and then dropped her pants giving him straight access to her hot wet pussy! He slid his cock into Brooke’s pussy while Sophia got up on the counter giving Brooke easy access to her pussy! He drilled Brooke’s pussy and she buried her tongue in Sophia’s!


Brooke didn’t want to have all the fun so she got him up on the counter and let Sophia fuck him cowgirl style while she took turns sucking his cock! It was the perfect end to their day and a dream come true for him!

First BIG Cock

Ramon just got to his friends house after a long flight only to find no one at home. He gets a hold of his buddy on his cell phone who tells him he won’t be home for another hour or so, so grab the key under the mat and go inside and make himself comfortable. Since he’s been traveling all day he decides to take a shower, but gets surprised when his buddies little sister Jennifer comed home from school and finds Ramon and his big cock in her room.


Jennifer had just had sex a few ago with her boyfriend on her 18th birthday and after seeing Ramon’s cock she realized that, unfortunately, her boyfriends cock is really small! Sex was great with her boyfriend so when she saw Ramon’s cock she could only imagine how great it would be with a big fat cock like his!


All she needed to see was his big cock and she knew what she was going to do! She wanted that cock in her mouth and in her pussy now and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer!


She dropped down guiding his big hard cock into her hot little mouth taking as much as she could! There’s no way she could get it all in her mouth but she tried! She loved the feeling of his big hard cock in her mouth compared to her boyfriends little pecker!


Feeling his big cock in her mouth only reminded her how good her pussy was going to feel when his big cock stretch her pussy as much as it could! She begged him to fuck her long and hard and to make her cum!


As he drilled her hot young pussy she turned over so her could hit it doggy style making sure she could feel every inch of his big cock! All she could scream was “deeper, deeper” and “harder, harder” as he fucked her faster and faster!


Her pussy was soo tight Ramon could feel his cock getting ready to blow his hot cum inside her so she jumped up and again took his big cock into her mouth sucking him harder and harder untils he could feel his cum begin to shoot into her mouth! She swallowed a little then let the rest shoot all over her face so she could be that dirty little slut she knows men like!

My New Lesbian Friend

The girls were done shopping and were headed back to the car when they ran into Natalia. She was having some car trouble and needed to use one of the girl’s cell phone as her battery had died. Seems she had locked her keys in her car, poor girl. Nikki and Sammie being the nice girls they are offered to give her a ride back to their place to use the phone. Not they didn’t have their cell phones, they just wanted to get Natalia all to themselves.


Back at their place they quickly find out that Natalia is super into girls, but has not been with the right one yet. Guess what, they waste no time in showing her what a couple of pros can do…


Nikki and Sammie didn’t waste anytime getting their hot new friend naked and she was just as excited to get them naked as well. There were clothes flying everywhere and before you knew it they were all naked!


With Natalia smashed in the middle the girls took turns tasting their new friend’s hot wet pussy and Natalia quickly learned how good Nikki and Sammie are in bed! Natalia also discovered that her new friends tasted really good! Once her tongue hit their hot shaved pussies she loved it!


They spent what seemed like hours licking, sucking, and fingering their wet pussies until they couldn’t cum again! But, for girls like Nikki and Sammie that’s never the end!


They decided to get out their favorite strap-on and really fuck! Natalia had never been fucked with a strap-on so this was something new! She loved it as much as she loved her new friends!

Man Magnet

Jordan is on the loose and looking for some new prey in the park and finds little, innocent Audrianna licking an ice-cream cone. She looked super hot in her little skirt and tshirt, but if you’re like Jordan, you know she could be jailbait. He moved in to find out how old Audrianna was and he was happy to find out she just turned 18 a few months ago.


Little did Jordan know, that innocent girl was not so innocent and that it was just a ploy for her to get hot guys and suck on something else other than an ice cream cone. She comes to the park about once a week trying to score young hot dads and older brothers, and it works like a charm! They usually think she’s the big sister or the baby sitter, either works!


All she has to do is ask to hang out and usually within an hour she’s back at their place, just like today! She asked Jordan to hang out and they got to his place and onto the sofa in a matter of 30 minutes! She jumped straight onto Jordan’s lap and didn’t waste any time!


She couldn’t wait to find out what her new toy was packing under his shorts! She was happy to find a nice big cock, just the kind she likes! She loves to suck cock and the bigger the better!


Her tight little pussy loves to be filled with a nice big cock! She’s so little that a big cock almost splits her in half and she almost cums instantly when fucked! Her tight little boy with sexy little ass and tiny little tits is the perfect package! She also likes to keep her pussy nice and shaved for her boys! It makes it that much hotter when they lick her clit!