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Fucking Caught

Even though Mindy is still in high school she knows very well that if you get caught doing something that’s not quite right you have to pay for your mistakes! This is when she tried to sneak into the guy’s locker room to spray down the team’s uniforms with itching powder. But, right as she was finishing her mischief she got caught by the coach red handed.


Mindy had always noticed the way the coach would lookiat her during class and cheerleading practice so she knew that he would gladly take a blowjob instead of reporting her.


He made it clear to her what her choices were and a moment later she had his cock in her mouth and was sucking really hard! She’s always prided herself on giving great head and she was going to suck that coach’s dick harder than ever before!


But, she had no idea what she was in for! The coach’s cock was nice and hard and she was ready to take his hot load in her mouth when he sat her up and pulled her on top of his cock for a good hard fuck!


She grinded her tight shaved pussy down on his big cock harder and harder until the coach was ready to pop! She climbed off his dick and again swallowed his cock right as he blew his load in her greedily open mouth. Well, it looks like this high school has some really fast-learning students.

Talented Teen Slut

I love a girl with talent. Miley is a girl with talent. Multiple talents, actually. She has plenty of talent in the tits and ass and looks category. But it gets better. She can talk dirty shit like a woman at least twice her age and suck dick like a woman nearing middle age. Yeah, I told you she was great. Her ass should win an award too, for being so talented. Its surely one of the best kept secrets on the West Coast. I dont have room to wax poetic about her tits but, good god, they are ridiculous. But it gets even better than that. She can paint and sketch and stuff and thats how she accidentally stumbled upon Ramon Nomars dick while it was tucked neatly away in a banana hammock.


She was doing an art project and exercising most of her talents at once when she, wanting to make it a better project, asked Ramon to release his cock so she could get a better look.


Ramon had no idea that the second he pulled his cock out Miley was planning on attacking him, but he definitely wasn’t complaining! The second her eyes met his cock, his cock met her throat! She got him nice and hard by swallowing his cock inch by inch!


She appeared to be perfectly happy sucking his cock, but her ass looked so good in that purple spandex that he knew he had to have some of that hot teen pussy! He got her naked, pushed her back on a chair and drilled her pussy hard and deep! She wasn’t complaining either, especially when he came all over her face and she licked his cock clean!

Hot Ass Hot Blonde

This hot little Blond is a lovely girl with curly hair, a toned body, and she loves to show off! She is quite the cock-tease and a bit of an exhibitionist. She loves to pose nude for pretty much any guy that asks her and she was happy to do it for us too.


One the day of the shoot she showed up with a black dress on which she quickly got rid of showing off her very sexy black and purple lingerie.


Then she lied down and gave us a great view of her curvaceous body and her massive tits. A moment later she slowly started removing the remaining pieces of clothing that she had on and slipped a few fingers inside her wet pussy, then turned around and showed us her firm sexy ass!Once she saw that all of us were going crazy checking out her beautiful ass she stuck two of her fingers inside her ass just to drive us crazy.

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