Jessica has been married for a few years and right now things between her and her husband aren’t that good, he can be a real dickhead at times, but his brother is a completely different story.


Jess loves him to bits and when he comes to visit for a couple of days, things take an unexpected turn. As they chit-chat in the kitchen a few sparks fly in both directions and after a minute she is already holding his huge dick in her soft hands and running her tongue down the shaft.


His cock is too big to take it all in, but she tries her best and he loves it and is so excited that he pulls her panties down and starts fucking her right there and then.


He bangs her shaved pierced pussy for a good forty minutes while his brother is happily napping in the next room; it doesn’t seem that any of the two gives a flying fuck, they fucked each other until he was ready to cum and took his hot load all over her face and tits! She even made sure to lick and suck his cock dry so when she kissed her husband later she could rub it in a little more!