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Kristy gets creamed

Kristy the horny blonde teen had a massage session scheduled for her by her parents.She was feeling stressed out from all the school workload she had to do so her parents thought it would help.Little did they know that the massage therapist was salivating over this horny teens great body.He didn’t have to do much to get her motor running but when he did, this blonde slutty teen was fucking like a machine.


Kristy was moaning and closing her eyes as the therapist massaged her nice moon shaped ass.He oiled her up good and reached his hand between her legs to tease her pussy and butt with his finger.When she couldn’t take the sexual tension anymore, she leaned over and took out his cock which she then began to suck.


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Dylan Ferrari fuck

Dylan has always fantasized about owning her very own Ferrari.She couldn’t take up the chance when she saw an ad in the newspaper looking for a model to come shoot with a Ferrari.She would do just about anything to take a ride in the car, Good thing she came in with that attitude because we really needed a hot horny big titted babe to come over and get fucked to take a ride in the awesome fuck.


Things started out normal as she hugged and posed on the car.We started to drop hints and joking around asking her how far she would go in order to take a ride in this car.We asked her if shed be willing to fuck for a ride and she gladly said yes so we moved into our next plan!


We came up behind her with our cock in the air and it magically ended up inside of her pussy! We penetrated that cock inside of her wet puss and she was happy to invite it in.She said she wanted a ride in the Ferrari but wouldn’t mind riding the cock first! That’s our kind of girl!


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Wealthy BJ lessons

These wealthy bored housewives wanted to get better at giving head like the sluts their husbands watch on the porn videos.So they went out and hired a private dick that would teach them the real way to please a long thick cock.They were eager to get the lessons started and loved the feeling of that cock that was getting erect with every moment!


The women took their turns one at a time while the rest of the class practiced with some big cucumbers.They saw how to correctly jam that big dick into their wet mouths.One by one they had their chance to suck on that big dick.


As the class progressed, the teacher started face fucking them one by one as they kneeled down in front of his dick.he would pound one mouth for a few seconds then move on to the next one and next until they got their fill.At the end, he jizzed his cum on all of their faces!


Watch KC use that cock

KC Star is a teenage horny girl straight into college.This thick horny bitch needed some extra cash for tuition so since were nice fellows we decided to help her out with her plight.Of course she would have to work for that money and we can safely say that we got what we paid for.She was a wild and sexy teen bitch who would do anything for some extra cash!


She sucked on our cock and made us fully erect and pulsating with those round wet lips.She knew how to work us into a frenzy and get our dick extra wet and gooey with her mouth.When she lubed us enough, she sat all over our cock and had it insert into her wet and warm vagina!


KC Star gets laid

KC Star just applied to join our studio for some photo shoots which would be her first’s! We had to get her up to speed and make sure she knew what she was getting into so we decided to have a little exam before we agreed to take her on.


She had no problem getting undressed and shooting some poses for us, we brought out a big dick which didn’t make her blink in the least and knew that we were well on our way at finding another eager beaver!


She jumped on that dick and rode it like a toy eventually getting down on her knees and sucking the big cock dry.We were so proud of her we accepted her request and cant wait to show her in more action soon!


Ally Kay gets tutored

Ally Kay had to hire a tutor to help her with her science homework.She was failing and not doing very good because she was always messing around with the boys.Here she was thinking this tutor was tracking her progress but when she saw his notes, all he had were comments about wanting to fuck her!So to teach him a lesson, Ally Kay decided to tutor him on how to pleasure her sensual body!


She made sure he was fully erect and throbbing before she stuff his cock into her pussy.When she saw how long he was, she let out a gasp and preceded to jack him off and lick on the tip of his long dick.Then she commanded him to thrust it into her pussy as she pulled her panties to the side giving him easy entry to pleasure.


Ally wanted to feel more of his cock inside of her so she kneeled down on all fours and turned around.The guy loved th site of her pink pussy and he then inserted his stiff cock inside of her dripping wet pussy.


Bliss Lei handles cock

Bliss Lei handles joysticks with ease as well as stiff long cocks, watch her get some practice tugs with this lucky guy. She wanted to see just how long he stacked up and thankfully to her excitement, he came out pretty big!


To enjoy that massive cock, Bliss Lei gets into her favorite position and sits on his long erect cock.This way she can get more of that stiff pole deeper inside of her and pleasure her more.


When everything is said and done, she likes to tug on that cock to make him cum all over her mouth.Bliss Lei loves to feel that gooey warm cum trickle down all over her face.


Jazy Berlin foursome fuck

Jazy Berlin and her three friends love to hang out with each other because they usually end up naked and playing with their naughty bits! Watch these four blonde girls live up to the saying that blondes have more fun.


The girls start out lightly by touching and kissing each other but soon enough move into full on lesbian sex.Imagine how much wetness is going on in those pussies as one girl bends over for the other one to kneel down and lick on that cooch.Pussy licking fine!


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Blonde sexy bombshell Kari was invited over to our loft for some physical extra curricular activities with a huge hung cock.She wore some sexy lingere and was in the mood for some action as she opened the door got on her knees and began to play with an erect dick position in front of her face.


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