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Close the Shop

I went to a local pawn shop to see what was up and maybe get a deal on a guitar amp.I met Stacy there the owner and she was a very attentive blonde chick.She was holding my hand around the store and caressing me making my hairs stand up and my dick take notice.I finally figured that this babe must be really horny so i should give her exactly want she wants.I started to flirt with her and i finally placed my hands on her tits.I felt them up and she smiled as she turned around and close up the shop.While she was walking back to me she pulled off her top and her tits popped out!


She kneeled in front of me and took my cock out of my pants.It was already stiff and hard as she started to rub it around her tits and play with my dick and her nipples.She started to flick her nipple with my cock and she was smiling and giggling.She then opened up her mouth and i took my dick and stuck it inside.


Her mouth was wet and hot and she started to suck on my cock really nicely.I can tell this blonde babe was just waiting for any cock to come and please her sexy self.Luckily i picked up on her hints and now i was going to be able to bang her good.She lay down sideways as i opened up her pussy hole with my cock and started to penetrate her.Her pussy lips wrapped tightly around my cock and i was humping this horny babe pretty good!


The Car Fuck

Mandy was a bitch i had met down on the street.She was really flirty and i knew she would do most everything.I decided to visit her at her work for a fast suck and fuck and i knew that she would be all up for that.When i picked her up she was looking really hot and she asked me to start driving.I started to pull out when i felt her pull out my cock from my shorts and start to give me a blow job as i drove the car.She was going crazy with my cock inside of her wet horny mouth.I wanted to stick my dick inside of her so i drove to an empty parking place.


Soons we got there she jumped out naked and faced her ass towards my cock. I pulled my shorts down and took out my dick as i held on to her from her hips and started to ride her doggy style.She was screaming pretty loud as i fucked her pussy and im sure people were able to hear the echo of her sexual screams all over the parking lot.Her pussy was really wet and great as my cock went in and out.


I wanted to finish in her mouth so she got down on her knees and i started to face fuck her really good.She was taking my cock in and out of her mouth and my long dick was getting really well sucked by her.I finally came and shot my cum inside of her mouth.


Hardcore Suck n Fuck

I set up my camera on multiple places to capture my great fuck with my horny girlfriend.She knew i was going to be recording us but i never told her where to look as we fucked and sucked each other.Im pretty sure she knew as the flashes went off on her face. She started by giving me head and taking my fat cock into her mouth.She really got into it and got my cock really wet and slimy with her mouth and tongue.


I wanted to fuck her pussy good from behind doggy style so i positioned her in front of the camera and her big tits were hanging off her chest as we got into the position.I opened up her butt cheeks to get a better view of her wet pink hole and started to fuck her good.I pounded on her ass and had those massive melons bouncing off of her chest.


She asked me to fill her mouth with my cum and she took my fat cock inside.She started to stroke on it and she opened her mouth and let her tongue out to catch the white gooey mess.As she kept pumping on my cock i shot out the cum and made the gooey gob fill her tongue up.She swallowed in and licked my cock dry with her tongue.


Tiffany has Fun

Tiffany and her friends were at a costume party just raving it up.Tiffany had just broke up with her boyfriend so she was pretty sad and her friends wanted to help and make her feel better.They were looking for a nice big cock for Tiffany to drown her sorrows in and they finally found it on this well built dude.As Tifannys friend lifted up his loin cloth she pulled out his cock and told Tiffany this is exactly what she needed in order to get over her loser boyfriend.Tiffany smiled and made her way towards the cock.


If Tiffany thought that big dick was long when it wasnt erect just wait until she sees that stiff cock standing upright after she gets it pleased.Tiffany came over and had the cock in her hands as she started to stroke on it and get it in her mouth. She started to lick and suck on that dick and she was really having fun.The cock was so long that it bent like a hook and Tiffany couldn’t wait to fuck it.


Sabrena Euro Party

Sabrena and her best friend set up a nice fuck party with a stiff cock they met online.The girls invited him over for a wet and wild time as they all wanted to fuck each other and have some fun.When the lucky guy arrived, they quickly took his pants off and began to get his dick hard.They started to lick on that dick and give it a blow.The only thing the lucky guy could do was sit back and enjoy two horny mouths taking his dick in.


They started to fuck each other and the dude got his dick inside of Sabrina’s pussy.He was pounding her pink flesh rough as the blonde friend was laying underneath them and licking on Sabrina’s pussy lips and the cocks and balls.It was a very wet euro party and they were all having the time of their lives.


They finished with the lucky cock fucking her friend as she opened her legs and Sabrina making out with him as she had her pussy on her friends face.Sabrina was getting her pussy eaten out good by her horny friend.She finally came all over her friend as she licked Sabrina’s pussy dry with her tongue.


Fuck The Cougar

I have this horny blonde great looking cougar chick that i fuck whenever i feel like.She is one sexy piece of ass and anytime i show up i can be guaranteed that she’ll want to fuck.Today was no exception as she was horny and waiting for me so i started to lick on her nice titties and get her very excited.


I make the most of my time with her because she is such a great fuck.She likes to lay down and open her legs wide for me as my cock goes straight into her pink hole.I start to fuck her gently and then move on to pounding that pussy hole over and over again for some great times.


She has alot of pussy juice and it feels great when i slide my dick inside of her.Her white pussy juice covers my cock and makes it very wet and warm.


Sammie Has Fun

Sammie and her two best friends were pretty bored.They had done mostly everything this summer and went to all of their favorite stores shopping.They had also broken up with their boyfriends so they could enjoy each other all the time.The girls had done everything but each other that is, and soon they figured this out.They wanted to have their first lesbian encounter with each other so the girls started to get Sammie very hot and horny to get her motor running.They teased her nipples and rubbed their hands along her pussy.


She was enjoying the attention she was getting from her two horny blonde friends.they began to unzip her pants and pull them off to get a better view of her pussy.As they slid some fingers down there,they felt her very wet pussy and started to finger it. Pretty soon her friend got undressed as well and they were all licking and putting fingers into each of their pussies.They enjoyed their special time together fucking and will do it again!


Sadie West Spends

Sadie West looks like shes in some real trouble now! She went out on a wild shopping spree spending almost $2000 on designer clothes and shoes! Her boyfriend was really mad because that was the only rent money they had! He was pretty mad but wanted to calm down and let his frustrations out.She offered to help him since she was really sorry for what she had done.He agreed and he took out his cock as he stuffed it into her mouth.She started to give him a blow job.


He was letting his stress get the best of him so he had to pull her panties down and fuck that pussy to forget what she had caused. He dumped her to the side and closed her legs as he stuffed that dick between her two pink pussy lips.He started to pump that pussy as she took the big dick in.She knew that she done mest up so the only thing she could do was enjoy the ride and get fucked by her boyfriend.


Prom Night Fuck

My job for the night was to pick up this hot 18 year old teen that was going to her boyfriends prom.She graduated last year but he was still going to that high school.When he stood her up she wanted to get back at him and noticed her flirting with me.When she finally got my attention i looked back and was greeted with a very nice pussy staring back at me.I knew what she wanted so we drove back to her place because her parents weren’t home.


I took her up to her room and pulled her panties down to give her exactly what she was craving for.She was amazed at my long thick cock and gasped as i penetrated her pussy for the first time.She was nice and wet and ready to fuck.I banged her slowly making her pussy get used to my fat cock.


She then came over and sat on my dick because she wanted to ride it on her own.I didnt say no and she was fucking me like a pro.She was doing some swirly pussy moves that made my dick very wet and hard.


Celebrate naked

Leona and Denise are two bi-sexual lovers that are celebrating their 1 year anniversary together.They thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with some wine and looking very sexy for each other.Some really hot dresses and lingerie was what the girls wore and wanted to share more than a drink with each other.


They took their dresses off and revealed some excellent bodies.These two babes are stacked like goddesses as their nice big boobs get held in by the lingerie.As they move close to each other they begin to kiss and make out and touch each other all over making their bodies get goose bumps.


Time for some titty licking with their tongues.The lingerie gets pulled down and the nice tits pop out.The girls take turns handling each others boobs and licking on their nipples for some fun.