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Cathy was so fucking horny that when the cable repair man knocked on her door she nearly jumped him… Joey was a well hung stud who never said no to a free piece of ass, so he was all up in her!

She dropped down to her knees and pulled out his cock while he tried to tear off his clothes… A moment later she was up on her knees on the couch getting fucked hard from behind!

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Tiffany had caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and she was pissed… It was time for her to get her revenge!

She knew this guy at work, Matt, who was just dieing to fuck her brains out. She told him she would fuck him, but only if he took pictures of the entire event for her so she could share it with her ex-boyfriend. She wanted to say “this is what you are missing” and a also “fuck you” at the same time.

No man alive would pass up on this opportunity!

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Sue loved acting out her little slutty fantasies… This time she waited for Will to come home; She was naked, the moment he closed the door behind him she popped out naked and pulled out his cock. After a hard day at work, Will could use a good blow job… But seeing Sue naked wearing only high heels instantly told him that his slutty girlfriend wanted to do so much more than just a blow job!


She loved giving head, and this dark haired slut knew it would come back to her in a good way!

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Carlos was happy he didn’t go to college… Why bother when college when he can just drive around in a truck fixing people’s cable and fucking the hot lonely MILFs who were home alone!

Jan was a hot MILF with utterly perky boobs and a passion for sucking off cock… She would call to have her cable fixed at least once a month, and always asked for Carlos. He knew the drill every time he saw her address in his daily work list – he was going to get blown and then fucked!

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Father Figure

Charlotte didn’t care what she was fucking so long as she was getting fucked… And she noticed that Frank – the old guy in the apartment up stairs – paid way too much attention to her. One night she made an excuse to knock on his door, and they ended up at dinner. Frank was older, which sort of turned her on. Charlotte didn’t have a father growing up, and the entire father figure thing made her teen pussy wet. At dinner he paid a lot of attention to her while she chatted way, but she could see that she just wanted to fuck her.

Why not? He’s got a cock just like any other man, right?

Back at her place she asked him to come inside…


She went to the bathroom, took off her clothes, and came out naked… Frank nearly had a heart attack! But he hadn’t forgotten his moves, and he stripped down while licking her pussy… His cock was so large and so huge that once she sat on top of it she was in heaven! This teen slut can get used to fucking old man cock!

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Cathy love wearing her hair up in pigtails. If anyone ever asked her she told them it was because it was so much easier to maintain… But the truth was more like she loved it when men fucked her from behind, using her pigtails like handles… Yeah, this teen slut likes it rough!

She told Tony this on the college campus one afternoon when they met, and he wanted to try it. Tony was willing to say anything to get her naked in his place, and Cathy was all too willing. She was a teen slut, new girl on campus, and she loved to be fucked!

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Becky loves sex of all flavors; She loves fucking men and fucking her girlfriends too. But she loves sucking cock more than anything else!

Toby was an easy mark. She had been watching him at university for some time now… She spent her nights dreaming about how his cock would taste in her mouth and her tight little euro teen pussy, and when they finally met each other he was like putty in her hands… He wanted to fuck him so bad that she had to slow him down! She wanted his cock, his glorious cock, in her mouth before anything!


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Suzie knows how to please men. All men want the same thing – to have their cocks sucked. Oral sex is the key to everything. And Suzie is one hell of a teen cock sucker…

She wanted permission from her boyfriend of nine months to go to spring break alone with her girlfriends… There was no way he was about to let that happen, but she knew that a hot blow job would change his mind quickly! She was waiting for him naked when he came home…


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Brooke loves getting fucked. She had seen the cable guy around her apartment complex enough to know that she wanted to fuck his brains out. Suddenly when her cable didn’t she put in the call, and then waited for him to show up, hoping it would be that same cable guy she’s been seeing around her apartment complex… Sure enough it was!

For Brooke it’s easy for her to get what she wants – a low cut top and a certain look says it all, and Mark was all too willing to jump into the sack with her! Brooke had been going through a little bit of a dry spell and welcomed having a man in her bed!

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