The fuck room, what a great name for a generic Blog, I’m really glad that I am taking over this blog that has been on the web for many years but was not that updated in the past months and therefore we are going to revive it and bring it back to the wonderful standards it had and hopefully gain all that traffic and interest from thousands of viewers every day. So I will start just saying that I would like to share something that I have been checking out for the past three days, I’m a great fan of live WebCam shows and even better live sex shows, but I’m also one of those big fans of Pornstar Sex Videos. I have several porn stars that are in my favorites list, I don’t think I should share them with anyone not to turn you off because they say that my tastes are rather different and complicated LOL. One is certainly Carmella Bing and another is Bobbi Starr, both are filthy middle-aged women that will do anything on video I know because I have a massive collection of the DVDs but I actually found out that they also are filthy on live WebCam.

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Just like the porn star you see above taking Dick up her ass there are another 450 maybe 500 other professional Pornstars that will actually perform in rotation on a daily basis at that happens to be the mother side of a network of websites that have gathered all these porn stars together and have them perform live, perform having actual reality porn shows where they will have sex with male porn stars in some cases were you will see them while they are actually filming a porn video that they will then place on DVD but it’s all there for you to see with several WebCams that are broadcasting live the whole thing going down it is absolutely incredible and that’s why I wanted to open with this first blog post of mine throwing a bone at your guys feet, so maybe if you want to pick it up and go and check out the website I have linked it in this blog post at your convenience.