No this is not Pornstar Ava Addams, I was asked about yesterday afternoon, and for all of you that know Mrs. Addams, how can you possibly exchange her for the girl that you see in the photograph here below? I mean not that the girl in the photograph below is not worthy of 10 out of 10 she does not look like the porn star someone said that she did. Is not the reason why we’re here today, the reason that we all here is to give an update on how things are going over at and since it’s been over a month since the last mentioned it on this blog I simply wanted to give an update and to let you know that they are celebrating at this time there are 2 million th member, actually that was on August 2nd and all already at 2.1 million registered members and ongoing as you can see extremely strong, they speculate that they will be heading towards 3 million and reach a goal by the end of this month of August, I think that they cannot miss the goal in any way whatsoever as they average close to 50,000 new members every day.


Now with 50,000 new members every 24 hours, that makes me think that this website actually does deliver exactly what it says that it can and also it has grown faster because the fact that Tori Black is now a union and the reality that has brought hundreds of thousands more people over to watch these live porn videos, these incredible pornstar sex shows, that simply no one else can possibly a, because his network is the only network on the Internet that has the exclusive broadcast these live porno’s.

Always keep in mind when you read on the major search engines, to be honest it’s all over Google, that there are these websites other than and that claim that they can offer you live Pornstars having sex, that would be untrue simply because and as I repeat there is only one network and to websites belong to that network that can broadcast the leading porn stars worldwide, to be honest when you have an exclusive contract with close to 1000 of them I think you may have known every single one of them except for the riffraff that nobody wants, and all left to the other networks. More money aspect is that this network to watch live porn with real adult models, professionals that know exactly what they’re doing you’re going to pay four maybe even five times less and what you would pay on the other networks that offer you nothing but… Nothing!