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Remy La Croix Wears Latex and Gets Ass Pounded

Remy La Croix is a sexy brunette pornstar with an exceptional ass. Knowing that her booty is a favorite feature, she is very willing to put it to great explicit use to please you. She shows off how well it fills out her latex dress and then gets that asshole stretched and filled with big dick. The raunchy sex goddess doesn’t shy away from letting you see it all in great detail. She is slathered in baby oil and slamming it down to take it all in. Watch this babe fuck and get fucked like a total pro while screaming out in pleasure and panting for more. Watch the uncensored scene inside Reality Kings.



Hot Slut Ass Fucked

Danielle knew it was coming. She knew he was going to try to fuck her in the ass, and she knew there was no use and pretending otherwise. She was just going to have to suck him off like every other time and then take the abuse…

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She didn’t mind the ass fucking once she moved past the pain… And still being fucked in the ass got her off!

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Blonde Teen Caught Masturbating

Jack shouldn’t have been surprised. His girlfriend Becky was a hot perky blonde teen babe who liked wearing her hair in pigtails, but she was always horny. He noticed while at the pool that she was gone and he went looking for her. He wasn’t surprised at all when he caught her naked and masturbating. Seems somewhere along the way she lost her bikini!

Jack wasn’t sure if he should just watch his hot girlfriend masturbate

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Or if he wanted to fuck her in the ass to punish her!

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So he did both! Jack always loved anal sex and he loved fucking his girlfriend in her ass!

Queen Of Anal

Meet Taryn Thomas. She calls herself the queen of anal. Would you tap this from behind?

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I’m sure you would. Check out her website and all of the anal aventures she has on a regular basis!

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High Class Anal Whore

You can dress up a woman as much as you want, but a whore is still a whore. We love this dress and the way it shows off her breasts.

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But at the end of the day, when the sun goes down, and she decides she needs to get off….. Well, she’s still a sex crazed whore with a burning desire to get off. In this case she likes anal, but without a man to satisfy her basic needs she resorts to a vibrator up the poop shoot!

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Good for her!

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Fuck Her In The Ass

Tina doesn’t exactly look all sweet and innocent, but if you had the chance to pick her up at a bar and bring her home you wouldn’t be expecting this hot blonde to be begging you to fuck her in the ass now would you? No, maybe not, but that’s exactly how Tina likes it… Up the ass! The first time she had sex it was anal – she didn’t want to get knocked up – and she quickly discovered the joys of anal sex!

Since then that’s all she wants! She wants men to stick it up her ass!

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Combined with the sexy ponytails this hot blonde slut wears, it’s a powerful combination! Imagine tagging this blonde slut from behind and ramming your hot cock into her tight asshole while pulling on her blonde hair!

She loves anal sex so much that even when she’s a alone she gets off by fingering her snatch and shoving a vibrator up the Hersey highway!

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Hot Anal Teen

Vanessa didn’t tell him up front because he wanted to surprise him! But she wanted him to slip his cock in her ass!

But first, she need to make sure his cock was hard and ready to fuck her in the ass. She sucked on him good licking him up and down!


His cock was so hard… She couldn’t wait to have it in her ass!

When she lifted her tight teen body above his cock and whispered in his ear that she wanted him to fuck her in the ass, the smile on his face was fucking priceless!


Tight Asian Pussy

Mr Chew always gets lucky with the Asian sluts… Tina was a hottie Mr. Chew was trying to get inside of for some time… And when this hot Asian teen finally said yes, well, he wasn’t about to turn her down!

Back to his room they went, and he had her spread her legs so he could fuck her in her tight little Asian pussy…. Oh, how he loved the tight Asian pussy!

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But she wasn’t happy. She wasn’t getting enough. Turns out this Asian fucking whore has had her fair share of white cock! But Mr. Chew’s cock wasn’t big enough!

So he flipped her around and fucked her doggie style!

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She seemed to liked it then!

Rock Hard Cock In Ass

Amy was one of those teen whores who loves it all. It doesn’t matter who / where / when as long as she’s having sex with someone and that someone is paying her attention. Hopefully that person would have a huge fucking cock!

Turns out some times she needed to make his cock hard – and she had no issues with sucking a little cock. In fact, this teen slut did it all the time!

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She got his cock nice and hard with her mouth, but she had no idea what was coming next – as he gently slide his rock hard cock into her ass!

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She had wasn’t an anal teen angel and had never tried anal sex before. This hot teen brunette thought it would hurt, but it didn’t!

Anal Slut

Angie was a little whore who loved getting fucked… Any chance she had and she was either sucking cock and getting fucked! She never said no and was always willing to try new things…

She met Robert one afternoon and she was already horny, and she knew he wasn’t going to say no to her! Back to his place they went, she let him play with her utterly perfect breasts, and then she sucked him off!

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Robert didn’t ask if he could fuck her in the ass. He just slide it in and went for it!


Seems like she’s enjoying the hot anal sex!