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A happy ending

Erica Lee was my masseuse for today and i must admit that she was looking sexy in that outfit.I was recommended to her by my buddy that told me i’d have the time of my life with this talented Asian babe.All i had to do was offer her a generous tip and she would take care of the rest.He wasn’t kidding!


Eric smiled and took my tip, she then moved her hands and started to stroke on my dick.Caught me by surprise but i enjoyed her tugging on my cock and i thought it would only amount to a great hand job. Boy was i surprised!


She jumped up on the table and straddled me, she opened her ass and stuck my long cock in her butt!! Anal fucking! Can you believe that? I cant even get that far with my girlfriend and next thing i knew i was anal fucking this hot Asian babe.



I’m telling you now that this is my definition of a vacation to the orient. Fuck waiting in lines at the airport, dealing with lost baggage and tons of jetlag! Bring me some hot asian girls and I’ll be fine!


In fact, bring me two hot asian girls and I’ll be the happiest camper in town!


Sit one of them on my face, sit one on my cock, and just let me be!

Oh Layla!

Wow, this chick from Azani Girls has it all – long black hair, red lipstick, big boobs, high heels…. she’s bending over – she either wants a spanking or wants to blow you!

hot chick red lipstick high heels big boobs

I love how she has her breasts almost out on display like she’s really trying to say “check out the girls”. Yes, don’t mind if I do!

From the peeps at Azani…. They know breasts!

Ashley Brooks

Tell me you wouldn’t fuck these titties all night long!

ashley brooks huge tits

This is Ashley Brooks from Anzani.com. She seems to be a regular there. Huge fucking tits. Don’t you love when women with huge tits ride on top of you, their hooters flopping in the air, up and down? We’d fuck Ashley Brooks. No doubt about it!