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Mr Chew always gets lucky with the Asian sluts… Tina was a hottie Mr. Chew was trying to get inside of for some time… And when this hot Asian teen finally said yes, well, he wasn’t about to turn her down!

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But she wasn’t happy. She wasn’t getting enough. Turns out this Asian fucking whore has had her fair share of white cock! But Mr. Chew’s cock wasn’t big enough!

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She seemed to liked it then!

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Kylie gets wild and luckily for you your able to experience it all and see her do everything to get herself off.With those all natural big tits she starts to get herself off by rubbing her nipples and her hands all over her breasts.She pulls her bra off and pinches on her nipples as she starts to get very wet and horny.Finally the dick arrives and she gets happy because she is ready to get her fuck on.


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She joins her stunt cock inside as she straddles his cock and begins to ride him.She starts to sit on the cock and rock her body up and down and side to side to get that fat long cock deep inside of her pussy.


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I cant get my boss to leave me alone and its all my fault for fucking her with my cock when she was feeling sad and lonely! Today i walked into my office and my boss Jennifer was there waiting for me! She had installed a bed that flips up to the wall and i didnt even know about it! I must admit that shes one hot bitch and i love to have sex with her but now she doesn’t even give me a break, she wants it all the time!


I had no choice but to walk over to her as she smiled and took out my dick from my slacks.My cock gets very excited because Jennifer knows what shes doing and sucks on my dick really nice.She started to use her tongue on the tip of my cock and licked me good and wet.


When she knew i was wet enough to lubricate her pussy, she had me sit down and she jumped straight onto my cock.My dick felt great as it shoved itself inside of her and she began to ride me.She started to scream out as she fucked me but shes the boss so nobody ever says anything!


Close the Shop

I went to a local pawn shop to see what was up and maybe get a deal on a guitar amp.I met Stacy there the owner and she was a very attentive blonde chick.She was holding my hand around the store and caressing me making my hairs stand up and my dick take notice.I finally figured that this babe must be really horny so i should give her exactly want she wants.I started to flirt with her and i finally placed my hands on her tits.I felt them up and she smiled as she turned around and close up the shop.While she was walking back to me she pulled off her top and her tits popped out!


She kneeled in front of me and took my cock out of my pants.It was already stiff and hard as she started to rub it around her tits and play with my dick and her nipples.She started to flick her nipple with my cock and she was smiling and giggling.She then opened up her mouth and i took my dick and stuck it inside.


Her mouth was wet and hot and she started to suck on my cock really nicely.I can tell this blonde babe was just waiting for any cock to come and please her sexy self.Luckily i picked up on her hints and now i was going to be able to bang her good.She lay down sideways as i opened up her pussy hole with my cock and started to penetrate her.Her pussy lips wrapped tightly around my cock and i was humping this horny babe pretty good!


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Janice was having a fashion show for an investor and her friend. The girls were having fun wearing and modeling the clothes for each other.Each outfit kept getting sexier and sexier and soon the girls were up all over each other kissing and making out and caressing nice milky flesh.


They began to double team on Janice since it was her fashion line that they were there to see.They put her on the couch as she opened her legs and they began to lick on her pussy.Two tongues licking one pussy must feel really great because Janice looked like she was about orgasm.


Thats not all though, her friend came out with a toy that she carries in her bag for just an emergency and began to fuck her with the toy.The vibrator was on full blast and she kept penetrating her pussy with it.


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A working woman is a horny woman and these two blonde bi-sexual loves are not the exception to the rule.With their big breasts ready to pop out of their intimate clothes the two lovers always find a time in the day to get out of the office mentality and play with their clits and tits.Sneaking into each other’s offices is the easy part…keeping quite as they please each other is the hard par for sure.


They lay on top of each other in a 69 position and begin to play with each others pussies.As one uses her fingers and tongue to tease her partner the other also gets the pussy nice and wet.Things get out of hand as the girls go overboard in the pleasure department and start to scream loudly.


Everyone in the office can hear the two big titted lovers as they have their fun.


Money Maker

Mariah cant remember the last time she got laid so she starts to masturbate within her office walls.


But in all the excitement she forgets shes not alone in the office.


The nighttime watchman is there. Tommy the Watchman finds himself unable to curb his curiosity as he hears moaning coming from the office across the hall. As he peeks in the office to see whats the hap…


Mariah catches the Peeping Tommy and decides if shes gonna get in trouble she might as well take Tommy down with her. She invites him in and demands to be fucked. You’re the boss replies Tommy and the rest is history…


Mariah pulled Tommy’s cock from his pants faster than he could have imagined! After just walking in on her he was already nice and hard and that’s just the way Mariah wanted it! She took his hard cock into her mouth taking every inch she could deep into her mouth!


When she felt he was hard enough she pushed him back and mounted his cock! She was happy to find him packing a big fat cock so she could fill every bit of her wet pussy!

Hot Office Slut

Every workplace has them – hot office sluts who are more concerned about how they look and who they can fuck in the workplace than they are about doing any real work.

Like this hot office babe….

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You know the kind…. she stays behind “late” which really means they try to look busy until everyone leaves… and then spread their legs right on the bosses desk!

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