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Why did 80% of the Pornstar population decide to go live and fuck on webcam in front of a live audience?

Well, first of all the money was an incredible porch to make the girl do live porn shows, but not only that nearly every single one of the Pornstars featured on this website and that perform live porn shows, actually it out by themselves that this website was becoming extremely popular and every day that went by thousands and thousands of fans with signing up from all over the world and therefore they needed to collect that opportunity and become a part of the show.


Basically that’s why close to 500 of the most popular pornstars perform in live WebCam shows, perform in live porn videos… Or whatever you want to call it… Simply because this is the future of porn, simply because nearly all of them enjoy interacting with their fans while they are actually making porn, yes we did say that they get paid extremely well, but it is the overall factor that this is the new trend happening now on the web and most probably it will be a solid friend for the next years to come.

Simply that’s why 80% of the most popular pornstars want to be a part of the game!

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